Van Dam Veehandel Logo

Veehandel Van Dam B.V. specialises in trading unweaned calves, starter calves, rose and white veal calves, breeding stock and cattle for slaughter.

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Van Dam Naturalys logo

Van Dam Naturalys GmbH is a company that issues rearing contracts to calf farmers in Germany for white-veal calves, rose starter calves and rose fattening calves. 

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Van Dam Dampol logo

Dampol SP. Z.O.O. is our Polish site from where we buy and sell unweaned calves, starter calves, cattle for slaughter, pigs, sheep and heavy livestock in East Europe. 

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Van Dam Groep

The Van Dam Group was started by Arie Jan van Dam as a one-man business in 1979.

When his son Gert-Jan van Dam and subsequently his son Martijn van Dam also started working for the business, the company developed at a rapid rate. These days it is a group of companies that is active in the various disciplines of the veal sector, including trading unweaned calves, starter calves, slaughter calves and other cattle and supporting veal farmers with fattening their calves. Besides the businesses in the Netherlands, the company has a number of participating interests abroad.